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By our workshops, co-creation starts from the beginning with the production of each partial WEARTH wax brick.

The process of making such an encaustic bar is an artwork and simple enough at the same time. Everyone guided by our team, should be able to make them, thus being enabled to make both a unique experience and to express parts of their belief system by e.g. enclosing objects, choosing different shades of color, transparency, and texture. Simultaneously, the participants are asked about their values, the values they like to attach to their lives or to communicate with the rest of us. Production places of these bricks should be well chosen.

  • The production of the wax bars shall start with an amazing workshop just right there. By chemically altering the structure of paraffin wax 62400 (DIN-ISO 2207) the unique WEARTH WAX is the creative base for the WEARTH bars.

    Size: Workshops of about 10-40 local people guided by two artists, organized with the help of local co-organizers and co-creators.
    Time: The first Russian workshop shall commence in November 2016 at ZARYA, Vladivostok’s center for contemporary art.

    The workshops are also means of participation of these locations that aren’t directly covered by the route. For instance, we want to have two workshops in Western Europe in the countries of the Benelux and the British islands. Both areas are pillars of European culture. The values of these areas are crucial to the planned anthology of human values. Another aspect will get clearer when considering the derivations later on in this text: the areas that aren’t developed may be those offering employment in a holistic way to the people who otherwise would have to flee their areas to big urban agglomerations. The ancient term of manufactory may be employed when envisioning such places of production.

    To produce WEARTH bricks, one would need tools, but it couldn’t be done by a machine / robot. New notions of the art of holistic craftsmanship, of sustainable and beautiful three dimensional creation are offered to areas in this world that are suffering from lack of prospects for the young.

  • Exhibitions give the spectator the chance to move at his own speed and focus on anything at a personal rhythm. It leaves the spectator free in his choice of time, and to where he focuses his attention.

    He may see a portrait of a coKcreator from Siberia, or study carefully his placement, or listen to his values. An exhibition gives a three dimensional approach that brings the spectator in relation to the sculpture. To a certain extent, these exhibitions may also be interactive: workshops at museums or galleries, value collections or mutual placements of visitors are as well imaginable and very well intended.

    Furthermore, exhibitions give a prolonged possibility to show the options and creations that are coming forth out of the bricks. The WEARTH bricks can create spaces and forums, which host discussions on our three dimensional space. Exhibitions are able to move from one area to the other; i.e. the portraits of placements and people from other places of this earth are feasible. 

Exhibitions are a way to see the whole chain of portraits of the human beings, who participated with WEARTH. 

    The route of the placements becomes palpable by the photos, as well as the human interaction with the Earth space. 

Physical presentation of the WEARTH bricks will allow all those, who hadn’t had the chance to attend a workshop or participate at a placement to experience the beauty of the bricks, and their combinations, to see samples of the originals when visiting exhibitions.

    It is one thing to see a two dimensional representations of the bricks, and another to experience the different sides, shades, angles and perspectives, as well as the varying lights and the range of colour hues portraying the bricks, and the fact of being completely different and the same at the same time. We hope that by our exhibitions the discussion about spatial activities and the consciousness about the third dimension will augment.